Monday, July 30, 2018

Week 1: Introduction/What's Going On?

Greetings and Welcome to Leftist Propaganda!

For those of you who have not yet read my intro to the left, I am Carmen Wolfe and I am the "content creator" for this blog. I have no doubt that some of you are already wondering, "Why the hell did she choose that name for a blog?"...and the simplest answer can be given as a movie quote from the moderately hilarious sports comedy Blades of Glory, "'s gets the people going!". That is exactly what I intend this blog to be....provocative. Now, don't get me wrong, it won't literally be leftist propaganda, but it will be controversial. The name actually references an early/mid-20th century ideology related to communism known as the Red Scare. Communism, and the potential rise of it, become so sensationalized that many people across the country and in government were not able to have intelligent or reasonable conversations about it! As a result, the United States sent thousands of soldiers to Vietnam (200,000-250,000 of whom lost their lives) for the cause of stopping the spread of communism. I see a lot of parallels between America then and America now. It seems that we have sensationalized certain topics, and placed others on a pedestal where they cannot be touched or talked about. America has become polarized around two extreme ideologies, and we have forgotten how to see from a different perspective. Another prominent theme I see is rampant anti-intellectualism. We have created a world where as Isaac Asimov said, " ignorance is as good as your knowledge". This of course is not true, and not only is it not is dangerous. It is dangerous when someone who is vehemently racist is allowed to be so because it is their "opinion". This, friends, is not an opinion, it is wrong, it is evil, and it should publicly rebuked. Opinions take place around things which are NOT facts, for example: I prefer fried okra to french fries, or I like country music instead of rock. There is no objective standard, or method to determine which fried food should fit someone's fancy, or which music should be listened to while in the shower, there ARE objective standards about many other things however. Racism is factually, and objectively wrong, therefore, active participants in racism (racists) are wrong.
The purpose of this blog is to open up topics for discussion, that may be too "taboo" otherwise. Often times, politics and religion are viewed as untouchable. You aren't supposed to talk about them at the dinner table, or family reunions...but why? Religion shapes worldviews and beliefs, likewise, politics shapes innumerable aspects of daily life, so why are they off the table? I think that it has something to do with the fear of being wrong, or the fear of change. I am a Christian, but I am only a Christian because I was an atheist who allowed open dialogue about my beliefs. When pressed with hard questions, I was forced to reevaluate. That's not to say that Christianity is ultimately correct (that is a topic coming in a future blog), but rather that we must always be ready to question our beliefs, even those we hold most dear.
I have said all this (I know, it was quite a bit) to say that anyone who reads my posts should come with an open mind. I am open to debate and discussion, but it is important that you read the whole thing from an objective perspective! I have put together a list of the first 8 topics, and will try to post them every week between Monday and Wednesday. They range from opinion pieces to research/essay style reports. I will list them here below; If anyone has a topic they would like me to write about, please send it to me via and I will consider writing on it!

Week 2- Why Socialism Isn't What America Needs

Week 3- The Decline of Christianity: How toxic fundamentalism is failing to reach the next generation

Week 4- The Future is Female- A case for feminism

Week 5- Which is the Greater Crisis of Our Time: poverty and income inequality or environmental destruction and climate change

Week 6- Let's Get Smart About Guns: A liberal's suggestion for solving the gun crime epidemic...without taking everyone's guns

Week 7- Jesus' Heart: What the Bible says about LGBTQ+  people, and why the Christian community must open its doors to us

Week 8- This is Crazy! A look at the mental health crisis in America

Week 9- Series Beginning: Everyday Apologetics Part 1 of 6- How can evil and suffering be reconciled with the existence of an omnibenevolent God?

In closing, thank you for reading (sorry for the informality) and I hope to interact with you in the future!

Peace and Love- God Bless,

The Decline of Christianity: How toxic fundamentalism is failing to reach the next generation Hello everyone and welcome back. I am...